Overwatch Is Getting A New Hero

Overwatch is a competitive online game with a host of playable characters to choose from, each as varied and unique as the next. No matter how skilled you are with any particular character, the real trick to winning is creating a good team composition with those you are playing with. Characters who specialize in dealing damage are very important, but they don’t stand a chance without a good healer. Likewise, a good healer is nothing without a big strong tank to protect them. Each hero supports the others and does their part.

Blizzard specifically designed it that way. The amount of time and care taken to create each hero’s lore and personality, as well as their balance of power in relation to the team, is astonishing. But, every once in a while, they like to throw their fans a curve ball by coming out with a new character for players to test their skills with. Last year, it was Sombra, a Mexican hacker with a machine gun and the ability to teleport. In July, Doomfist was released after months of speculation as to who would voice the African native with a massive mechanical arm. And now, they’re at it again. During E3 this year, Blizzard unveiled their latest hero: Moira, a geneticist working for the infamous Talon organization.

Pictured: Badassery

In addition to looking absolutely badass, she fulfills the role of support healer. Her left hand shoots a biotic beam that heals allies while her long-range attack saps her team’s enemies of life. She also possesses a “biotic orb” ability that heals allies or adds a decaying effect to enemies, depending on who walks through it. It seems reminiscent of of Ana, another hero with the similar ability to heal or hurt, depending on the allegiance of her target. But, time will tell how exactly Moira stands apart from the rest of the game’s roster. And whether her skills will be enough to make players choose her over more traditional choices like Mercy or Lucio.

For now, Blizzard has not set a date for her release. But many have surmised that her debut will probably coincide with the upcoming “Free weekend” event that the Overwatch servers will be hosting from November 17th to the 20th. If you’ve never played the game yourself, I highly recommend giving it a shot (pun intended) and seeing what the newest addition to the roster has to offer. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

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