Colorado Gaming Conventions: Genghis Con 2017

    “The Denver Gamers Association holds two gaming conventions a year, Genghis Con over President’s Day weekend and Tacticon over Labor Day weekend in Denver, CO. The Denver Gamers Association is a non-profit organization which promotes and supports table-top gaming of all kinds, and hosts [those] 2 annual conventions for community gaming,” (DGA).
   This year, Genghis Con was held over Presidents Day weekend February 16th-19th at the Radisson Southeast in Aurora, Colorado. The convention went four days, and included tournaments, demonstrations, live performances, and a dungeon crawl. This year’s dungeon crawl and ball were Bioshock themed, and came complete with Bioshock vending machines, Big Daddies, and little sisters.
    Although the convention is based more around tabletop games, it also included MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), arcade games, and LARP (live-action role playing) groups. Cosplaying was more than welcome, as the convention included a cosplay contest, which was surprising, since it is a gaming covention. Also provided was a Saturday night party hosted by Club Cosplay Denver, a nightclub that is well known for hosting nerdy parties without the drama.
    Among attendees, Genghis Con 2017 was a hit. Cosplayers and gamers alike had plenty to do, buy, play, and enjoy over the course of the four day convention, giving them ample motivation to attend the DGA’s Tacticon at the end of September this year. Tacticon will be held at the Crowne Plaza DIA Convention Center from September 28th to October 1st, 2017.

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