Avengers: Infinity War Review

Avengers: Infinity War came out this week and boy, is it jam-packed with everyone and their aunties. It had been played up in previews and trailers as the culmination the Marvel Cinematic Universe that had taken a decade to reach. Naturally, as a bit of a film snob, this made me rather apprehensive. How can one movie include that many characters and settings and not feel like a bloated mess? I mean Batman V. Superman only had two main characters and it handled them about as well as a bear doing a jig-saw puzzle.

In addition to those concerns, I also found myself tired of the same old MCU action movie that pits a hero up against a seemingly insurmountable problem that .::SPOILERS::. they manage to overcome in the third act. It had all become a routine. A routine that I was finding myself unwilling to do over again.

Fortunately for me and my snobbery, I was pleasantly surprised.

SPOILER!!! They all die except for Steve Rogers, who opens his own bakery. A weird direction, I know, but I think it works.

No, but seriously, it’s a pretty good film and well-worth the price of admission. It has all of the graphical goodies and action scenes that you’ve come to love from Marvel movies, plus all the excitement of seeing your favorite characters from different series finally interact with each other.

It does suffer a bit from having soo many heroes and drags a bit in the middle. You also get the creeping feeling that you’re watching three separate movies at once, which is a bit disorienting. But the central plot carries through and manages to keep you engaged the entire time.

Plus, everyone loves surprise Peter Dinklage.

Thanos also could do with a bit more dimension as a character. They do delve into his and Gamora’s backstory more, but not enough to make their relationship feel authentic to a satisfactory degree. It makes a few tense moments between the two ring false to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent a couple of movies listening to her extoll the evils of her step father, only for this film to expect me to believe some sort of familial bond between them. It just felt rushed.

But none of that is enough to scare me off from seeing it again. I enjoyed it immensely and would give it a solid “B” for “Boy, am I gonna see that movie again!”

So if you have a love for the source material, just like the movies, or hate them but want a little closure, go see it. You’ll be glad you did.

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